VE Monk Plus Earphones, Now Available in the Philippines! Prices Start at Php 450!

To quote Venture Electronics,

"We believe in creating value for our customers. We want to dispel notions that low prices equate to low sound quality or that high quality sound should have a matching high price. Furthermore, what could is sound quality without the durability to match?"

That statement pretty much captures the vision/mission of 'the small but incredible' Chinese electronics company that has gotten the respect and adulation of serious audiophiles the world over.

And as a tech blogger who's been following VE's progress through the years, I'm just glad that some of their products are now available for purchase here in the Philippines -- thanks to the efforts of local gadget accessories dealer, Quantum Mobile Gear.

VE Monk Plus Earphones

VE Monk Plus Earphones are particularly known for three sterling qualities:

1. Above average sound quality
2. Durable construction
3. Very affordable price point

And I'm delighted that all Pinoys can finally experience them first hand.

VE Monk Plus Earphones
Here's how VE Monk Plus' standard packaging looks. The 'face' printed in front is that is Venture Electronics' Head, Mr. Wild Lee.

VE Monk Plus Earphones
When the pack is as simple as this, you know your money goes directly to the value of the product inside. No frills, no non-sense!

VE Monk Plus Earphones
Check out how thick those chords are. This pair is made to last.

VE Monk Plus Earphones

Quick specs for the audio geeks:

Impedance‎: ‎64 ohm
Frequency Range‎: ‎8 Hz – 22 Khz
Driver‎: ‎15.4mm dynamic
IEM Shell‎: ‎Polycarbonate / Hard Plastic

As for the actual sound quality, I'd say its right in the alley of the Xiaomi Piston. Trebles and vocals sound clear and crisp while basses are punchy. I particularly love using this pair when watching concerts as it really makes live recordings sound precise and expansive.

VE Monk Plus Earphones
I know audiophiles who don't like earphones with in-ear silicone buds as those make their ears feel uncomfortable. If you're like them, you might prefer these.

VE Monk Plus Earphones

What I have here is VE Monk Plus mic-a for Android with microphone as well as call receive and volume-up and down buttons for listening to music. This, just like the one that's made for iOS devices, sells for only Php 800!

VE Monk Plus Earphones

There's also a variant without microphone that goes for just Php 450 and another with mic but without volume control, which you can get for Php 550.

Out in two colors: Transparent Black and Royal Purple, VE Monk Plus earphones are now up for purchase at select Cherry Mobile Concept Stores and kiosks nationwide.

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