Samsung Galaxy S8 Has No Physical Home Button? Here's Why It's Possible

"Come on, Mac, that can't be the real deal. Where's the home button? Where did they put the fingerprint scanner?"

That's what a friend - who's big Samsung fan - told me when I showed him this purported photo of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 2017 flagship smartphone while we were having coffee earlier today.

Samsung Galaxy S8

"Well, maybe they're going with on-screen or virtual navigation buttons," I replied.

He retorted, "That's possible. They've done that before. But I don't think Samsung would put a Fingerprint Scanner at the back of a handset. It's not like them."

Samsung Galaxy S8

I agree.

So I went on to ask him, "Are you familiar with Qualcommn's new Snapdragon Sense ID technology?"

"Nope. What's that?"

I launched Google Chrome on my laptop, went to Youtube, and showed him this video:

Powered by ultrasonic pulses, Sense ID is a more accurate fingerprint scanner than the usual as it can detect ridges, pores and other minute details on the user's finger through thin materials, including glass, aluminium, or polycarbonate. This technology, which is supported by new high-end Snapdragon chipsets - including Snapdragon 820 that powers the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, can be installed on a smartphone's touchscreen or even its entire shell.

If these SGS8 images are for real, then maybe Samsung had opted to use this innovative security feature on their latest battleship handset. Exciting, eh? Let's wait and see.

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