Android Auto Will Make Your Future Car Smarter

Earlier at Google’s I/O Developer Conference, Android’s Director of Engineering Patrick Brady introduced the company’s own version of the in-car infotainment system – Android Auto.

Android Auto

A sneak peek was given to us when details were revealed earlier this year, as Google had formed a global alliance called the Open Automotive Alliance with major carmakers such as Hyundai, Honda, Audi, GM, and many others, with NVIDIA partnering up to provide the GPU solutions for Android Auto.

Android Auto

Being an operating system for your car, Android Auto looks to compete with Apple’s CarPlay system head on. However, Android Auto is not installed on the car itself but rather it is a user-friendly car mode that will be available on your smartphone running Android L. Plugging your phone in a compatible car’s in-dash unit projects your smartphone’s display onto your car’s infotainment display without breaking a sweat.

Android Auto

Once proper connection is established between the phone and the car, Android Auto comes into play – the software presents itself on the display with simple elements to minimize distraction.

Android Auto

The card like interface shown on the image above resembles Google Now on our Android-powered smartphones because that is where Android Auto borrows most of its key elements. Acting as your car’s Google Now, Android Auto becomes contextually aware of its surroundings, presenting information relevant to your driving habits that Google Now currently knows about you. Whether it’s 8 in the morning or 5 in the afternoon, Android Auto gives you travel directions wherever you go, even providing you shortcuts when you’re on your everyday commute.

Android Auto

Lastly, since Android Auto directly comes from your smartphone, you can interact with the Android Auto UI through the car’s infotainment display – opening apps, listening to music, and many others, apart from navigating through the Maps as mentioned earlier.

Android Auto

There are already demo videos of Android Auto available around the internet, with Google showing off the Google Play Music and Google Maps experience. Voice actions were also present in the demo, which means that Android Auto can provide its users a hands-free experience while on the road.

According to Google, 40 new partners have already joined its newly formed alliance, with 25 already preparing to ship Android Auto in the “not-so-distant” future. Will it be this year? Next year? Fortunately, the first cars with Android Auto are scheduled to hit the road before the end of this year. Pretty exciting, isn’t it?

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