Cookie ni Mocha, Hot on Facebook and Instagram : Mocha Uson's Master Class in Social Media Marketing

If you're an entrepreneur who's thinking about selling your products online via social networking sites and you don't know where to start, it would really help if you take courses in digital marketing to study how to do it well.

But if you don't have the time and funds for that, you can always watch and learn from successful online sellers who are actively using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to reach consumers and are now enjoying some level of success from the venture.

Cookie ni Mocha, Mocha Uson, Social Media Marketing

As many of you may already know, sex blogger, singer, dancer, and model Mocha Uson has recently become a full-fledged businesswoman online by selling and promoting products - mostly made by her - through her social media pages.

Her latest and most talked about merchandise is the #CookieNiMocha, an organic, gluten-free, and low-calorie cookie created and baked by Mocha herself. With tens of thousands of Mocha's followers on Facebook and Instagram talking about the product and sharing photos on their own timelines, #CookieNiMocha packs are flying off the shelves allowing the gorgeous leader of the Mocha Girls to have another reliable source of income.

So how does Mocha do it? How does she use social media to market a new product and make it popular? Let's take a look at some of the amazing things that Mocha has done to make #CookieNiMocha the hottest baked good in town!

1. Create Hype Around the Product Even Before Launching It - Mocha started promoting her cookies on FB and Instagram weeks before she started selling it. She talked about her healthy lifestyle and how her cookies help her maintain her figure. This created buzz around the product way before Mocha offered it to the public.

Cookie ni Mocha, Mocha Uson, Social Media Marketing

2. Show 'Em The Goods! Use photos to sell your product -- not just words or testimonials. Mocha uploaded appetizing close-up photos of her cookies on all of her social networking accounts along with a detailed explanation of what makes them healthy and nutritious.

Cookie ni Mocha, Mocha Uson, Social Media Marketing

3. Make Purchase Information Available Outright - Make it easy for interested buyers to get in touch with you. Write down your contact information and do your best to reply to all inquiries. In this case, Mocha's fans can place their orders through her Viber number 09228083882.

4. Answer Questions and Show Ways to Prepare the Product - Never get tired of answering the same questions again and again on your social media pages. Mocha even adds a smiley whenever she responds to pricing inquiries about her products; "69 pesos per piece, Php 400 per pack of 6 :-)" Don't we all love buying items from nice and kind sellers?

Aside from answering questions, take it upon yourself to post photos showing various applications or preparations of your merchandise. This can give buyers other reasons to get your product on top of the obvious.

Cookie ni Mocha, Mocha Uson, Social Media Marketing

5. Ask Help From Your Friends You don't have to do everything yourself. Send sample products to your friends and ask for assistance in promoting it. Convince them to post photos of the goods on their own social networking accounts or if you want, you can even take photos of them trying out the product and share the shots with your followers using a hashtag. Hashtags are important because they help your potential clients track and view content - like photos, status updates, and videos - about your product.

Cookie ni Mocha, Mocha Uson, Social Media Marketing

Cookie ni Mocha, Mocha Uson, Social Media Marketing

6. Supplement Your Social Media Campaign with Traditional Ways of Promoting a Product - Mocha promoted her cookies in both TV and Radio stations but you don't have to do something that big or major. You can print flyers, do taste tests, or even send sample products to prominent people online.

Cookie ni Mocha, Mocha Uson, Social Media Marketing

Cookie ni Mocha, Mocha Uson, Social Media Marketing

7. Show Buyers That You Believe In Your Own Product - Show buyers that you yourself use or consume your own merchandise. No one will believe in the things you sell if you don't even believe in them.

Cookie ni Mocha, Mocha Uson, Social Media Marketing

8. Show Gratitude To Loyal Customers! Not all posts have to be just about your goods. Dedicate some to thanking your amazing buyers who believe in you and your products.

Cookie ni Mocha, Mocha Uson, Social Media Marketing

I know some of you may be thinking that Mocha Uson is an unlikely person to learn social media marketing from. But we can't argue with success and while Mocha may not look like your typical social media expert, professor, or guru, the fact that her products are doing so well online is - for me - already enough proof that she knows her thing.

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