Samsung Galaxy S4 Got Fried While Charging : Disappointed Filipino SGS4 Owner Shares Symptoms To Watch Out For

I'm now trying to console a close friend whose Samsung Galaxy S4 got fried less than an hour after he left it charging in his bedroom.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Fried, Samsung Galaxy S4 Almost Exploded

"[It would have been OK had I actually done something wrong to deserve this. What a hassle! I simply charged my Samsung Galaxy S4 like how every other SGS4 owner does it. I used the charger that came with the package like how I've always done it since I got the handset last year. I left the phone charging for about an hour and when I returned to my room I saw that the charging port is already fried and melted. It was so infuriating and heartbreaking,]" he shared.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Fried, Samsung Galaxy S4 Almost Exploded

I asked him if he performed a system upgrade or installed some apps on his handset within the past few days. He said no. "Did you make sure the charger and the microUSB are not wet before plugging the device to the electrical outlet?" "Both the smartphone and the charger were in my bedroom, they couldn't have been wet. Mac, they were not wet for sure," he answered.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Fried, Samsung Galaxy S4 Almost Exploded

So what went wrong exactly? We're not sure. But he did tell me that two months ago, his Samsung Galaxy S4 wouldn't charge when plugged to an electrical outlet unless turned off. "But that issue fixed itself or disappeared after a week so I brushed it off. I didn't do a factory reset because I thought the phone is already OK," he told me. "A few weeks ago, I noticed that it takes almost twice as long to fully charge the device but again, that issue also kinda fixed itself." Well, apparently, those were already serious symptoms of what now appears to be a bigger battery charging problem.

Anyway, I've already asked him to email Samsung Product Support and to visit an authorized Samsung Service Center near his place. His house is just adjacent SM North EDSA; I know there's one there. Hopefully, they'd be able to fix his beloved phone and not charge him a hefty sum for it -- given that the device is still under warranty.

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