Adsense: Sudden Drop in Reported Earnings

John Claro from Manila emailed us this inquiry just a while ago:
"Dear TechPinas, Google Adsense Overview page is suddenly underreporting my aggregate earnings 'since last payment'! Is Google cutting down on my earnings? First, Michael Jackson dies and now Google is going broke? What's wrong with the world? I'm all nervy now. Help!"

Hi John! Relax! Google Adsense is already aware of the 'situation'. Don't worry, your money is still there:


The amount displayed when you generate a 'Since last payment' report is currently incorrect, but our engineers are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Please be assured that this is only a display issue, and that you're being properly credited for your earnings.

Want to see all your earnings again?

If you've seen a sudden drop in reported earnings, please note that it likely isn't due to a decrease in earnings but more because of a change in the date range.

You can confirm this by going to the reports section of your account and selecting the correct date range and running a report. For instance, if you were paid on May 26, then the Overview page will show earnings from May 26 to today's date, when you select 'Since last payment' from the drop-down.

However, when you run a report in the 'Advanced Reports' section and select May 1 to today's date, you will find the actual unpaid earnings for this period.

I've consulted our specialists and will follow up once they revert.

In the meantime, please refer any affected publishers to this thread.


In short, in the meantime, you'd have to check your earnings via the ADVANCED REPORTS page and set your date range instead of the OVERVIEW page if you want to see your aggregate earnings.

I hope you find this helpful. :)

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