Macbook Mini Spotted in the Wild ?

So it's either Apple has altogether decided to release new products outside the US or - more likely - another Apple fan just had too much time in his hands. Whatever the case, these photos sure look dope!

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the supposed Apple Netbook, Macbook Mini :

Here are clearer photos --

macbook mini, macbook, apple, mini

Looks great, right? And pretty accurate too -- right down to the chicklet details!
And look! Whoever leaked this was kind enough to include the specs:

10.4" wxga display doing 1280x768, LED something (backlit I assume)
267x195x4 (millimeters one would assume)
19.4 mm (for what, I don't know)
1.03 of something
nvidia ION? nvidia mcp79, 533 MHz
intel atom z740, 1.83 Ghz, 1 meg l2 cache
2 gigs of ddr3-800 ram
geforce 9400M
64 gig ssd
bluetooth 2.1 + edr, 802.11a/b/g/n
1 usb, mini display port
5100 mA battery

Apple hasn't released any statement on the veracity of these details, more so, the photos. Likewise, the company hasn't confirmed reports that they are working on releasing a netbook or a Macbook Mini, for the matter. Although there have been reports regarding this that seem well-founded.


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