Nokia 5530 XpressMusic Arriving in Philippines Soon

The more affordable alternative to rather expensive Nokia 5580 is expected to reach the Philippine shores in September. Meet Nokia 5530 XpressMusic:

nokia 5530
Nokia 5530 with Stainless Steel Finish

For under P15,000 (yep, most likely), you already get a smartphone with:

3.15 MP Camera with Carl Zeiss Optics
4GB storage via microSD
Full Touchscreen,
And get this: 5530XM has an ARM 11 434 MHz processor vs. 5580XM's 369 MHz!

What's a amiss compared to 5580XM?
Well: No GPS, No 3G, No HSDPA

Here's the official promo video courtesy of Nokia:

Nokia 5530 is expected our shores before the end of September.

UPDATE: Nokia 5530 XpressMusic is now out in the Philippines. It retails for less than P12,000 (in most stores, at least).

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  4. how much pu ung battery?? just for xtra!!hehetnx..


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