Yellow Tint at Laptop Screen Bottom Edge

Bing Sarmiento from Cebu, YM'd us this question a while ago:
"TechPinas, the bottom edge of my glossy LED-backlit laptop screen has a sort of yellow tint or leak to it. It's not that noticeable but it bothers me no less -- especially when I consider the price of this laptop. Darn. What could have caused this? Help!"

Hi Bing!
Have you tried cleaning your screen? Maybe it's just the dirt. Hehe. Kidding.

I'm not so sure about the exact cause of this problem but I'm guessing heat has something to do with it. I have a few friends who are having the same glossy screen issue and we all agree that the yellow or sometimes brownish leakage at the bottom edge is a result of the glossy film's reaction to heat. Notice that the bottom edge, compared to other edges, is the one that gets the most cooking. So, as expected, it's also the edge that's most reactive - just like shrimp turning to bright pinkish-orange when stir fried. Haha. Again, this is just a speculation - based on a number of cases - and as such, it's still best to get in touch with your laptop manufacturer for possible solutions.

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