Nintendo DS Lite Yellow Tint or Leakage on Lower Screen Solution

Jan San Gabriel from Bulacan emailed us this question earlier:
"Dear TechPinas, I think my Nintendo DS Lite's bottom screen is acting up. It has a yellow a tint that won't seem to go away. Help! What should I do?! I love my Nintendo DS Lite!"

Hi Jan! Relax!

Apparently, Nintendo is already aware of this supposed screen issue and has released this statement on the company's website -- and I quote:

Nintendo DS Lite - Lower Screen Looks Different Than the Upper Screen

Lower screen looks different than the upper screen

Due to the touch screen feature of the lower screen, an additional layer of touch-sensitive material is added. The top screen is not touch-sensitive, and can appear slightly brighter than the lower screen because it does not have this additional layer. Here are two things you can do to try and help increase the amount of light you see from the lower screen:

Try holding the Nintendo DS Lite so that the lower screen is not at an angle, and you are able to look directly at it.

If you are playing Game Boy Advance games on the Nintendo DS Lite, and are having difficulty seeing the game clearly on the bottom screen, you may want to change the system setting to play the Game Boy Advance game on the upper screen. Click here for more information.

If you are using a screen protector, make sure that it is licensed by Nintendo. Unlicensed screen protectors may affect the visibility of the screen you are using it on. For more information on screen protectors, please click here.

You may want to compare the systems screen with another unit. It is normal for there to be some slight differences. However, if you feel there's definitely something wrong your system, then your system will need to be repaired.

Nintendo offers convenient repairs, fast turnaround times and, for all systems repaired, a new one-year manufacturer's warranty. To begin the repair process, we will need to gather some information from you.

Quite a simple explanation and solution, really. What do you think?
You might wanna try looking at it from a different angle first. But if you are already inclined to having it repaired, then it'd be best to get in touch with a local Nintendo distributor and service center for further details.

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