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Facebook, just like MySpace and Friendster, is finally letting its users personalize their profile links! Yep, it's already live and you can now check your account and create own vanity URL. Just like:

Go ahead! Feel free to add us. :)

How to create your personal Facebook link? It's simple, really.

1. Log-in to your account.
2. Right on top, you will see a box telling you that you can now have a username for your Facebook profile:

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3. Click on the Set your username now. link.
4. On the next page, you will see pre-chosen personal links for your account. You may choose one from these or click on Custom to create yours.
5. There's a box for checking the availability of your chosen link name. Click on it.
6. If it's available, click OK. If not, choose another one, then repeat step 5.

Questions? Go ahead.

Does my personal link have to include my real name?

[Uhm, not really.] You may use a nickname or even your Twitter account name. Just avoid, at all cost, using your personal link to pose as somebody else. That's bad! Also, no obscenities, lest you want Facebook to flag your account for removal.

Let's say I eventually decide to change my personal link name. Will that be possible?

The key is to choose well and choose a link name that you plan to stick to. Facebook has well over 200 million members so good luck sending them an email requesting for link name revision.

Do I have to get it now?

It depends on you and how badly you need to get that vanity URL -- especially if you have like 3 other people on Facebook with name the same as yours vying for the same short link.

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