New iPhone 4G Photos Leaked ?!

First, Macbook Mini. Then, iPhone 4G?

Sure, it's supposed to be Palm Pre's big day -- But did you really expect Apple (or at least, its die-hard fans) to just sit down and watch the competition get all attention? Quite unsurprisingly, in the midst of all Pre flurry, photos of the rumored new iPhone ( 4th Generation ) suddenly surfaced:

iphone 4g, iphone, new iphone

Matte back panel of supposed supposed iPhone 4G beside glossy back panel of currently out iPhone 3GS

Matte casing with no chrome borders, rumored front facing camera and iPhone OS 3.0? Quite in line with what most fans are expecting save for the matte finish (What's up with that Apple?).

Hmm... are these photos for real? What do you think?

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