iPhone 3GS, Dropped in Pool While Shooting Video, Still Works!

If this video ain't phoney, we now know for sure what the S in iPhone 3GS could also stand for:

"Swim" !!!

Here's the stunning storyline:
A guy capturing a poolside scene with his iPhone 3GS suddenly loses grip of his gadget and dropped it right in the pool - yes, with the video function on. We don't know for sure if the iPhone went kaput after a few minutes or if it's still going strong right up to this moment, but the amazing thing is that it didn't shut down for good while submerged in water as other not-water-resistant gadgets would have.

And here's an important word of advice to iPhone owners, if they don't know it yet:
"iPhone is not water-resistant so resist all urge to try this on your phone!"

[via Engadget]

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