Intel Announces 3 New Core 2 Duo, an ULV SU2700 Processor and 2 Chipsets

Clearly, a series of patent infringement fines is never enough to make Intel stop doing what it does best: To create and release processors and chipsets that will make computing better.

The company just announced three new Core 2 Duo processors, a ULV processor and 2 chipsets that will provide extended battery life and and support thin form factors for laptops -- price and performance considered:

On the high end, we finally have a Core 2 Duo processor breaking the 3GHz mark with the 3.06GHz T9900 - with new P9700 and P8800 chip options. On the low-end, there's Pentium SU2700, a 1.3GHz Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) processor made for low-cost thin and light laptops. (I'm thinking this is Intel's response to the AMD Neo) And then, there's GS40 Express Chipset, a scaled-down, lower power alternative to the GS45 -- both made for ultraportables.

Keep tuning in for price and release date.

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