Acer : Officially # 2 PC Producer in the World ! Overtakes Dell !

As of today, Asian PC company Acer is officially the number two (2) leading Computer producer in the world, trailing only Hewlett Packard (HP). This is after the company surpassed PC sales of Dell, which moved down to the 3rd spot.

IDC released its PC tracker report Wednesday afternoon for the third quarter of 2009 and for the very first time, Acer is indeed the No. 2 producer of PCs in the world, with 14 percent. Hewlett-Packard remained on top with 20.2 percent of PCs shipped, and Dell dropped to 12.7 percent. [via Cnet]

Kudos to Acer! Here's to hoping that the company would ace the race soon. It's really nice to see an Asian company leading this industry again (after Sony and Toshiba).

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