How to Save and Fix Water-Soaked or Flood-Drenched Gadgets (especially Cellphones)

If you are one of the many whose cellphones or iPods were engulfed by Ondoy floods, you might wanna check this out --

How-to videos on saving water-soaked cellphones courtesy of and

* Before trying these out, you might want to call your cellphone retailer first and ask if they'd be kind enough to fix your phone for free. It's highly unlikely they'd do that but it won't hurt to try, right?

TP Key points:

1. Take your phone out of the water.
2. Remove battery and SIM card.
3. Wipe off remaining liquid and dirt
4. Give the phone a rice bath: Soak it in a bowlful of dry uncooked rice for 2 days -- *rice absorbs moisture
5. Alternatively, you can place the phone in an airtight container with 2 small packs of silica gel. *silica gel absorbs moisture
6. Once you're sure that the phone is DRY, turn it on.
7. If it doesn't turn on, consider taking it to a cellphone repair shop or buying a new one.

*Be careful about using blowdryer to - well - dry your wet phone. Heat could melt delicate circuitry inside of your gadget.

There you go. I hope you find this helpful. :)

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