Windows 7 Boots Slower Than Vista ?!

IoIo Technologies, a PC Tune-up software company, disclosed its findings to CNET yesterday that Windows 7 doesn't boot as fast as Vista:

IoIo Technlogies [...] said its lab unit found that a brand-new machine running Windows 7 takes a minute and 34 seconds to become usable, as compared to a minute and 6 seconds for Windows Vista. Iolo notes that it measured not the time it takes for the desktop to appear--which can be as little as 40 seconds on a fresh installation of Windows 7--but rather the time it takes to become fully usable "with CPU cycles no longer significantly high and a true idle state achieved."

Interesting. But coming from a PC Tune-up company, IMO, this needs further investigation.

I, for one, don't notice the lag at all. In fact, waking up from 'Hibernation', Windows 7 seems snappier than Vista.

Other Windows 7 users, what can you say about your unit's boot time?

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  1. haven't used vista before.. but definitely didn't take windows 7 more than one and a half minute to be fully usable on my machine, IMO, it didn't even reached the 1-minute mark. in addition, people i know who used vista were really impressed by windows 7's boot up time..

  2. The difference between boot time outweights the performance benefits of Windows7

    If boot time was really an issue then Hibernation or even Stand-By would be a better option.

    Wonders if Windows7 would be sold in the Philippines in a "Family Pack" (licensed to 3 pc)


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