Nokia 6600i Slide - Great Mix of Design and Functionality

It's Nokia's smallest 5 megapixel slider to date -- check out Nokia 6600i.

The combination of 3G connectivity and excellent imaging capabilities of its 5 megapixel camera with dual LED flash, make capturing memorable moments with Nokia 6600i and sharing them with loved ones via various Internet services truly enjoyable.

In addition to its superb imaging capabilities, the Nokia 6600i slide indulges the quality-conscious consumer with its compact and elegant design, which it has inherited from the commended Nokia 6600 slide. The brushed steel covers, the bright 2.2” display and chrome center key constitute both understated elegance as well as visual simplicity. The discreet tap commands, on the other hand, truly bring the display alive.

The Nokia 6600i slide has a suggested retail price of PhP 11,710 and is available at all Nokia Stores and authorized dealers nationwide. It comes in either silver or black.

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    Too bad its a Series 40 phone (no symbian apps) and the highest connection standard is WCDMA (wishes it was HSDPA)

    The GPS is a good bonus. The only good side with being a S40 phone is it would have a faster reaction time compared to a S60 phone.

  2. Cannot seem to download anything on this phone!! It has software issues, before buying please check out the 6600i slide forums!!!!!


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