President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's (PGMA) Latest Directives on Typhoon Ondoy Relief Operations : Uploaded on Youtube

Public service announcement:

The official video of Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo giving her latest directives on Typhoon Ondoy Relief Operations has just been loaded on Youtube by RTVMalacanang. Here it is:

Key Points*** (from what I understand):

1. Our President thanks all kind-hearted individuals who are extending help to those who are most in need.

2. PGMA discusses the next steps of the government as regards Typhoon Ondoy relief:

a. Creation of Price Control Task Force - to stop and punish those who are taking advantage of the situation by unfairly increasing prices of drugs

b. The government will identify, stop and punish those who start fake donation drives operated via bank transfer

c. Customs tax won't be imposed on donated goods from outside the country as long as they are assigned to DSWD

d. DFA will advise all embassies and consulates to hasten the release of documents needed for sending donations to the Philippines as long as donations are addressed to DSWD

e. Malacanang is calling on remittance service providers to not impose transaction fees on money donated from abroad coursed through them as long as the donation is assigned to DSWD

5. The President says that it is but right for the government to make sure that help will be given those in need the soonest and that their situation shouldn't be aggravated. Whoever will take advantage of the situation for their own benefit will be severely punished and put in jail.

6. The President thanks all who help the cause -- again.

***open to corrections by the readers

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