Nokia E71 vs. E63 : What are the Main Differences ? Philippine Price !

Jalen P. DM'd TP this question via Twitter yesterday:
"TP, can you tell me what the main differences between Nokia E63 and E71 are? I'm thinking about getting E63 for the obvious reason that it's cheaper but I'm not sure if there's wisdom in tightening the belt in this case. Thanks!"

Nokia E63 (left) and E71 (right)

Hi Jalen!

Here are the main differences between Nokia E63 and E71 :

1. The two phones have similar lengths and widths but E63 is a bit thicker than E71, measuring 1.5 times the depth of the latter. E63 also looks more boxy as it lacks tapered sides present in E71.

2. E63 has matte plastic shell vs. E71's chrome case.

3. E63 only has a 2MP fixed focus camera versus E71’s 3.2MP camera with autofocus.

4. E63 and E71 have almost similar keyboard layout - save for the last row of keys. As you can see on the photo above, E63 has a shorter spacebar due to the addition of a separate slash ( / ) key.

5. E63 camera's LED flash can be used as flashlight (torch function for shooting videos). E71's LED flash doesn't have torchlight function.

6. E63 has a 3.5mm standard headphone socket vs. E71's 2.5mm socket. NOTE: 3.5 mm is also the headphone socket used in the N-series.

7. Unlike E71, E63 does not have internal GPS and does not support HSDPA

Additional Note: Both run on the same OS (Symbian OS 9.2, Series 60 v3.1 UI) and support Wifi and 3G connectivity (No HSDPA for E63 though).

Here's a comparison video:

Nokia E63 currently runs for around P14,200 brand new. On the other hand, you can get E71 for around P25,000.

UPDATE: Prices of Nokia E63 and E71 have gone done dramatically since the release of Nokia E72. You can now get E63 for around Php 10,000 and E71 for more or less Php 16,000.

Jalen, between the two, I'd get E71 -- if only for the metallic case, which gives it an elegant, no-nonsense look.

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  1. i got the E71 because of its wifi capability

  2. ^
    may wifi rin ang E63

  3. Sorry to say that you're wrong but the e63 does have hsdpa.


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