Nokia Brings You Playlist DJ - Download the App FREE at Ovi Store until October 31, 2009

Create a truly customized music experience with Playlist DJ

If you listen to music on your mobile device, be prepared to hear it in a whole new way when Playlist DJ starts to rock out on your mobile device.

This mobile application for Nokia S60 5th Edition devices (like Nokia 5530 XpressMusic, Nokia N97 and Nokia 5800 XpressMusic) uses profiling techniques to identify multiple variables associated with each individual music track; and those profiles are then compared with other music on your device to bring you a customized playlist of songs that are tailored precisely to your mood. Best of all, the app is free in Ovi Store ( until October 31, 2009!

Nokia developed Playlist DJ together with a Danish company called Syntonetic. The UI for the app was developed with input from what was then the Live Category inside Nokia, and Nokia Design.

“At the time we were creating the app, the most important goal was to make it as simple as possible to use, so that anyone – no matter what language they speak – could pick it up and start playing with it,” said Claus Christensen, User Experience Manager in SU Design and Consumer Experiences.

Playlist DJ is designed for interaction
The application features four colorful sliders that individuals can move up and down to create new playlists. With each slider, you control just how much you want of each specific setting: Joy, Passion, Anger, and Tempo. So, if you crank the sliders up to the top, you get a list of songs that is really joyful, passionate, angry - and super fast! (The Help section within the App - under the Options menu - gives more detail about how it works, but it is more fun to just start fiddling with the levers and see the results for yourself.)

These sliders are the front-end of the deep-profiling process, which is made up of 34 different features including six basic moods as well as 15 different musical genres. The profiling also considers and identifies special vocals and choir characteristics, as well as distinct instrument characteristics. Special treatment is also given to sound, beat and tempo characteristics for each music track that is profiled.

Playlist DJ made its big debut during Nokia World this year, and at the time the app received a lot of useful feedback. Unlike other music apps which start on a personal computer and must be transferred to a mobile device, Playlist DJ is the first one to analyze music tracks that are already on the mobile device. The first time you start the application, the initial music profiling may take some time, but it is all done in the background. And, as soon as the first track within your collection has been profiled, you can start using the app.

Adding more tracks to Playlist DJ improves the experience
To date, Syntonetic has “profiles” of more than four million music tracks, and tens of thousands of new tracks are analyzed and added to the database each day.

The more tracks that you add to your own collection, the better the experience of the application becomes, as it broadens the scope of selections for creating new playlists. In addition to creating playlists based on a specific mood, the app can be used to generate playlists based on the profiles of individual songs, too.

And now it is possible to help expand the database even further by running the new “Moodagent Profiler” from Syntonetic directly on your personal computer (

Playlist DJ will be available for Nokia S60 3rd Edition devices before the end of this year.

You can download Playlist DJ for use on your Nokia S60 5th Edition device for free in Ovi Store now through the end of October.

Watch DJ Playlist in motion here:

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