Samsung Omnia B7320 QWERTY - Photo, Specs and Philippine Price Update !

I was walking around SM Manila with my family earlier (after registering as a first-time voter at the Comelec office near the City Hall) when I chanced upon a Samsung experience booth at the mall's ground floor. We were already on our way to the grocery but the magnetic appeal of mobile units to this tech freak was just too much. Let me tell you, most of the new Samsung units were cool but the real stand out, for me, was Samsung Omnia B7320 :

This phone runs on Windows Mobile 6.1 OS and features WiFi, GPS, FM Radio, HSDPA, Bluetooth and a 3MP auto-focus camera. Its Qualcomm MSM 7201A 528 MHz processor is already quite powerful but when matched with 100 MB storage, 256 MB RAM and 256 MB ROM, B7320 simply becomes a perfect platform for WM 6.1 to run on.

B7230 looks and feels solid and well-built. The metallic finish, on another hand, gives it an air of corporate sophistication.

The best part, however, is the price point. Samsung Omnia B730 sells for only Php14,300, which is totally not bad for a Windows Mobile Smartphone.

*thumbs up*

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  1. i have this phone and i really do love it.

  2. why arent there any comments posted on every article?

  3. they cant say anything about this phone, they got speechless on how nice it was...hahaha


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