Netbooks Pulling Overall Laptop Revenue Down

More portable computers have been sold in Q2 of this year, thanks to netbooks -- But overall revenue is down 5% versus last year, no thanks to netbooks.

Acer Aspire One on top of a Compaq V3000 (photo from

"Mini-notes have been a significant contributor to volume growth in the portable PC market as their very attractive price points make owning a secondary computer viable for many consumers. However, the lower ASPs (average selling prices) of these devices are clearly having a negative impact on portable PC market revenue," shared John F. Jacobs, director of notebook research at DisplaySearch.

Netbooks selling at more of less $300 pulled the average selling price of portable computers (netbooks included in the cluster) down at only $688, which is 19% lower than a year ago. This trend is expected to continue as DisplaySearch predicts that netbooks will account for 21.5% of all portable computer shipments and 10.9% of the total revenue in 2010.

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