Eco-Friendly 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics : To Award Medals Made from Recycled Gadgets !

Even the Winter Olympics is following the current Green trend.

Leslie Katz of Crave has just reported that Medals from the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games will made from recycled circuit boards of gadgets that would have otherwise gone to waste. The Medals will be produced by Teck Resources with the help of Royal Canadian Mint and will feature intricate Aboriginal art by Corrine Hunt.

To acquire the metal for the medals (with great mettle, no doubt), Teck is recovering materials from cathode ray tube glass, computer parts, and circuit boards through smelting. The process involves shredding, separating, and heating electronic components, then combining the byproducts with metals from other sources.

The 2010 Winter Olympics will award more than 1,000 medals to participating athletes -- Imagine just how many circuit boards will be saved from becoming mere e-waste in the process.

Another one for Sustainability!
*thumbs up*

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