Eminem : Most Popular Living Thing on Facebook, Beats Lady Gaga!

It's official.

As of 7:58 PM - February 26, 2011, American rapper Eminem has beaten Lady Gaga to become the most liked 'technically' living thing on Facebook.

eminem facebook

This recent screengrab from FameCount tells the story --

eminem facebook

Michael Jackson is still the most popular human on Facebook with 29,194,963 fans. But Eminem is the 'most liked living human being on the site' with 29,000,054 fans. Lady Gaga who used to hold the title currently has 28,940,426 fans.

Texas Hold'em Poker, on the other hand, steadily holds the title as the most popular non-living thing on Facebook with a whopping 37,116,612 fans.

Check out Eminem's Official Facebook Page via this link.

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