Nokia Windows Phone : Photos, LEAKED!

Following yesterday's announcement of Nokia and Microsoft's landmark alliance, Engadget got hold of photos of what could be the first product of the companies' strategic partnership.

Check out the first Nokia Windows Phone conceptual device;

nokia windows phone
Credit: Engadget

nokia windows phone

If anything, these images confirm Steve Balmer's assertion that "the engineering teams [of both companies have] spent a lot of time on this already."

TP Thoughts:

1. The design of the device is undeniably Nokia. I can definitely see hints of Nokia 5800, Nokia N8, Nokia C6-01 and Nokia C7 on the concept shot. Even the color choices are similar to that of Nokia C5-03.

2. The screen looks massive. This alone should make a lot of consumers happy about the product.

3. Truth be told, of all the Windows Phone handsets I've seen so far, Nokia's is the only one that looks youthful and fun. Others look a tad too corporate or made-for-business.


  1. albert wesker here!

    these phones look extremely thin! hope battery life isnt does know how to do things better and they have come up with an HD Smartphone so thin it can fit in a small envelope :D

    also the bevels around the phone make it look thinner than its supposed to be :D

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