Nokia X2-01 : First Impressions, Actual Unit Photos

Last Thursday, Nokia Philippines sent me a new review handset to play with for the next few weeks.

Ladies and gents, Nokia X2-01, in the flesh --

nokia x2-01

nokia x2-01

Off hand, here's what I can about this QWERTY phone.

1. The build is stellar -- just like almost all Nokia phones I've used. It's just solid.

2. It's actually taller than how I first imagined it to be. I think it's almost as tall as my Nokia N8.

3. The phone dons a similar keypad as that of Nokia E72, E71 and Nokia C3. Totally easy to work with. The keys are soft and the tactile feedback is just right.

4. It may have a QWERTY keypad but Nokia X2-01 is a a music phone though and though. Its loud speakers deliver crisp and clear sound quality.

5. I think this phone looks a lot more expensive than how it's actually priced. The glossy plastic accents in front matched with the back cover's painted metallic finish give Nokia X2-01 a sophisticated appeal.

That's it for now. I'll have to play with this phone for at least two weeks before I can give a decent review. Please stay tuned.


  1. Nice!. Just a question, did you borrow it or Nokia gave it to you?

  2. Technically, Nokia let Techpinas borrow the handset and it has to return the handset to Nokia after a review is posted on this blogsite.


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