HTC on Nokia-Microsoft Partnership : 'A Validation of What We're Doing'

In an interview with Seattle Times yesterday, Mr. Jason Mackenzie, HTC's President for North America and Latin America made a comment on the recently announced Nokia-Microsoft strategic alliance and called it 'a validation of what [HTC is] doing.'

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"Nokia's following a similar lead to what HTC's been doing, in not investing in our own platform, taking solid platforms and filling the gap to deliver a solid experience to the end user," Mackenzie told Seattle Times.

As for having the Finnish giant as new competition in the Windows Phone market, Jason said, "[I]t's "one more competitor. [...] I feel confident in what we're doing. We've got a fresh brand that's resonating with consumers."

Asked if having Nokia on-board will be good for Windows Phone, he commented; "It broadens the ecosystem, which is good for everyone. We’ll see."

Mackenzie disclosed that while HTC won't be announcing any new Windows Phone 7 models in Mobile World Congress happening in Barcelona next week the company nonetheless intends to release several later this year;

"Obviously Windows Phone 7 is a platform we've invested tremendously on [and] we'll continue to support that."

Gotta love HTC. No name-calling. No bashing. Just quiet confidence.

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