How to Take Back Add as Friend Request on Facebook : Step by Step Procedure

Con-Con G. from Metro Manila emailed us this Facebook related question earlier this evening,
"Dear TP, [I accidentally added my enemy in the office as friend on Facebook a minutes ago. The good thing is that I don't think she has gotten the request just yet. Please help me save my face. How do I take back my add as friend request? I can't seem to find that option on the site. Thanks.]"

Hi Con-Con! Thanks for the inquiry. Relax! Maybe that 'accident' is a sign that you should patch up whatever you rift you have with that officemate. Think about it. :)

But if you're 100% sure you want to take back that Add as Friend request, here's what you do;

1. Log-in to your Facebook Account
2. Go to your account's Privacy Settings;

take back add as friend request

3. Under Privacy Settings, scroll down and click on Edit your lists link.

take back add as friend request

4. In the edit page, type the name or the email address of your officemate in the box provided

take back add as friend request

5. Click on Block this User button.
6. Blocking your officemate on Facebook will effectively cancel your Add as Friend request to him/her.
7. Rest assured that the Add as Friend request has been deleted.

There you go.

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