Mommy Dionisia Shares Datu Puti TVC with Manny Pacquiao on Unverified Twitter Account

Adorable Pac-Mom, Mommy D, has a new TVC out!

manny pacquiao datu puti
New Datu Puti TVC features both Mommy Dionisia and her son, the legendary Manny Pacquiao

Guess where we first learned about it?

manny pacquiao datu puti
Her is the mats aweted Datu Puti kumersyal wid Mommy, Manny en Kots Rots. [...] Bungga!
trans. Here is the much awaited Datu Puti commercial with Mommy, Manny and Coach Roach. Bongga!

That's right! We got from Mommy D's supposed *slash* unverified Twitter account (@OfacialDionisia)

Watch the hilarious TVC here:

Amazingly, this video's already got more than 350,000 views since it was uploaded on Youtube last Thursday, February 17, 2011!

Gotta love Mommy D!

mommy d datu puti


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