Win a Trip to Malaysia with TechPinas and One of Your Friends

Great news, TP friends!

I made it as one of the finalists in Tourism Malaysia's Dream Trip contest!

win trip to malaysia
For those haven't met me in person: That's me - Mark Milan G., middle photo, second row. :)

And I'm now humbly asking for your help to win. Please help me. Let's make this happen. :)

The cool part is that should TechPinas bag the price, I can take one of my readers (the one who will be most active in promoting my page) and his or her friend with me to Malaysia!

Here are the mechanics:



Hi Friends!

I really hope that you guys can support me in the Dream Trip to Malaysia Contest. :) I'm humbly asking for your help to win this for the Philippines. :)

If you're interested to help me, here's how you do it (maraming salamat in advance):

1. You need to work in Facebook pairs for this contest. Choose a FRIEND on Facebook who's always active on the site. Tell him or her that you will be tagging him/her for a Facebook Application.

These steps are to be done by YOU only --
2. Visit Malaysia Tourism Page via this link: - and click on the LIKE button.
3. After clicking LIKE, go to this link:
4. Click ALLOW button
5. A poster will be shown showing instructions to the contest, click anywhere on the poster to continue
6. Another poster will be shown showing photos all bloggers included in the contest, click on my photo, I'm Blogger #5 : Mark Milan
7. Clicking on my photo shows all pairs who have voted for me, click on the red Create Photo with Blogger button to launch the application
8. This is a photo upload application, make sure you have a photo of yourself saved in your computer.
9. Click on UPLOAD button, choose a photo from your computer to upload. (If it hangs, just refresh the page) After choosing your photo, you might want to edit how it looks on the postcard. Use the editing tools located near the bottom of the page to resize and rotate your photo.
10. After you're done, click NEXT link.
11. Choose a background shot for our photo, then click NEXT
12. Add a caption, e.g. Let's go to Malaysia!, then click DONE
13. You will then be asked to tag a friend on Facebook to complete the poster, choose your PAIR by clicking on his or her name, then send the invite (click on the button). Click Send.
14. After that, a window will pop-out asking for your email, just click SKIP button.
15. Tell your pair to check his or her Facebook account and Notifications or Apps Requests, the App Request should be with him/her now.


These steps are For your Ka-PAIR on Facebook (to be done only after you're done with the steps above) --

1. Open your Facebook account
2. Click on Notifications, show all Notifications
3. Look for Dream Trip to Malaysia Contest invite from your ka-pair, click ACCEPT button
4. Click LIKE button for Tourism Malaysia page
5. Click ALLOW button (If it hangs, just refresh the page)
6. Once you're in the photo upload page, click UPLOAD button (make sure you have photos of yourself in your computer), choose your photo. After choosing your photo, you might want to edit how it looks like. Use the editing tools located near the bottom of the page to resize and rotate your photo.
7. Click NEXT link
8. Add a caption e.g. Let's go to Malaysia!, then click DONE
9. Your entry with your pair will then be published.
10. Once done, you might want to click the LIKE button for your entry.

Should I win the contest, the PAIR whose entry got the most LIKES will go with me to Malaysia.

Maraming maraming salamat sa lahat ng tulong. :)

Mark Milan of

1. Log-in to your Facebook Account.

2. LIKE Tourism Malaysia's Official Facebook Page via this LINK.

win a trip to malaysia

- After liking the page, go to this APPLICATION and allow it to connect to your FB profile.

win a trip to malaysia

After it connects to your profile, to click on the contest banner that will be shown to go to the Choose Your Blogger page. The contest mechanics are also written on the banner. Kindly read it for guidance.

win a trip to malaysia

3. Choose me. Click on my photo. I'm Blogger # 5 : Mark Milan.

4. In my page, you will find a red button with 'create photo with blogger' written on it. Click on the button.

win a trip to malaysia

5. Clicking on the button brings you to the postcard photo uploader. You can use your webcam to take your photo or you can just upload one that's already saved in your computer.

win a trip to malaysia

6. You might want to edit or position your photo properly before putting it on the postcard;

7. After you finish editing the photo, press the Complete button;

8. Choose a background image for the postcard.

9. Write a caption and click Done link;

10. Wait for the postcard to finish loading.

11. Choose a friend you want to tag along with you in case we win.

After your friend gets the app notification, he or she would have to add his or her photo to the postcard like you did, following these instructions. So you really have to work in tandem with your friend for this.

Please ask your friend to check APPS Requests or Notifications List on his or her account after you send your contest request.

12. After he or she has added his or her photo to the postcard, you'd have to ask your friends on Facebook to like your entry via this GALLERY. Before your friends can LIKE your tandem photo, they must first LIKE Tourism Malaysia Official Facebook Page first and allow the contest application to connect to their FB profile. In case we win this contest, the TP Tandem that has the most likes will go with me to Malaysia.

win a trip to malaysia


  1. Goodluck Milan! God Bless

  2. Thank you so much! God bless you too! :D

  3. Thanks dude! :) God bless! I hope you can send your entry rin for me. Hehe. :)


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