iPod Shuffle 4th Generation : Power Mac Center Price Update

I usually use my iPod Shuffle 4G while reading a book.

Since it doesn't have a screen, I don't get tempted to check on it often; Hence, I can focus on the words in front of me.

ipod shuffle 4th generation power mac center
I also have it Blue -- like my Nano. You can tell I love this color.

It's an almost hands-free music experience after I turn the iDevice on as it announces battery status and the name of each song before it plays.

iPod Shuffle 4G is now available in all branches of Power Mac Center nationwide. There's only one version available, the 2GB, which comes with a suggested retail price of only Php 2,490.

4th Generation iPod Shuffle comes in five youthful colors; Blue, Pink, Yellow Green, Orange and Light Grey.

ipod shuffle 4th generation power mac center

All new generation iPod devices that we use and review were provided and warrantied by Power Mac Center. TechPinas deeply believes in the products and after sales service of Power Mac Center.

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