TechPinas Founder Notes # 1 - Introductions

Welcome to the newest section of TP: TPFN, acronym for TechPinas Founder Notes.

This new section aims to chronicle the thoughts, opinions and musings of TechPinas' Founder, Mark Milan Macanas. Learn more about him (like how he got into tech, what was his profession prior to being a blogger, where he graduated, what's the name of his laptop, etc.) via this link.

mark milan macanas
Mark of TP

Without further ado, TPFN # 1 --

TPFN # 1 : Introductions


Hi TP Friends!

Before anything else, I'd like to thank you for always checking out TechPinas and for being part of our community in Facebook. Like what the site admins always say, 'TP doesn't have fans, we don't have likers; We only have friends.' Thank you for friending us up and for being active on our FB wall! Maraming salamat!

And if anything, that's what I'm most thankful for in founding this site -- It's become more than just a blog; We're now a sprouting community. Whenever I man our social media accounts and I see TP friends conversing with each other on tech topics and helping each other out on gadget issues, I feel a sense of fulfillment, knowing that the site is growing in the way that I've always imagined it to. And really, I have you to thank for this. Thank you for giving TP your trust and for sharing your time with our young community.

TP friends, I apologize for not re-introducing myself sooner; Actually, the last time I introduced myself formally on TP was way back our initial post. I guess just never imagined that I'd have to do it again. But I'm really thankful that we're growing and if I have to reintroduce myself to a bigger TP community in the near future, I absolutely won't mind.


I'm Mark Milan -- that my full first name. You can call me Mark. Or Milan. Whichever you want. My friends from the blogging community call me Mark. My friends from college and my former workmates, on the other hand, call me Milan. So it's your call.

Know that whatever name you call me though, I'm just here for tech conversations and I'm always open to giving you gadget tips. Feel free to shoot me an email anytime at I'm really looking forward to knowing each of you personally.

What's TPFN?

TPFN is my way of sharing with you my personal thoughts and opinions on pressing tech and gadget news that we publish on TP. I also intend to make use of this column to talk about light-hearted topics like what my favorite gadgets are, which games and apps I usually play on my iPod Touch, who my fave celeb on Twitter is, among other stuff.

I hope you also share your views on the things I will touch on. The comment box is just there, feel free to use it anytime to give your opinion on future TPFN topics.

That's it for now. Again, thank you so much :) Stay tuned for TPFN # 1a : Alliances


  1. Thank you for the kind words, Almond Jay! :D

  2. That's true. I'll do my best to manage both communities. :) Salamat GJ!


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