Motorola Xoom Super Bowl TVC Takes a Jab at Apple 1984 Ad

The tides have really turned.

Back in 1984, Apple was trying to convince everyone to Think Different and check out Macintosh instead of being like zombies and mindlessly following the trend that was then set by Microsoft.

Fast forward to 2011, almost everyone has become an Apple fanatic -- making Apple's former slogan quite passe. iPhone has become the dream phone of a lot of people. iPad, the staple top prize in last Yuletide's raffles and contests. Macbook, the typical cafe companion. And finally, iPod Touch, the best selling mobile gaming device in the world today.

motorola xoom super bowl

Motorola has clearly taken note of this reality and has come up with this Motorola Xoom TVC for Super Bowl XLV;

Cute. (And it also highlights the fact that Xoom takes photos and plays flash videos -- unlike the current iPad.)

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