GreenPois0n RC5 for Windows : FREE Download

This serves as an update to our Jailbreak iPhone 4.2.1 using GreenPois0n post.

GreenPois0in RC5 for Windows is now available. Download it via this link.

How to Use GreenPois0n?

1. Grab the SHSH blob for the current version of your iOS.
2. Make sure your iPhone is running iOS version 4.2.1
3. Connect your iPhone to your PC
4. Download GreenPoison RC5 for Windows
5. Run GreenPoison
6. Enter your iPhone into DFU mode, following instructions given by GreenPois0n.
7. Click 'Jailbreak' button
8. Wait for GreenPoison to be done with the jailbreak. Should take around 5 minutes.
9. Let GreenPoison wrap up the jailbreak.
10. Install Cydia via the Loader app

DISCLAIMER: This post is for educational use only. TechPinas cannot be held responsible for any damage that use or misuse of this jailbreak can cause on your iPhone. So jailbreak your iPhone at your own risk. While jailbreaking an iPhone is now legal in the United States, keep in mind that jailbreaking any iDevice voids its warranty.

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