Nokia N8 Camera Lessons

I always say that, thus far, Nokia N8 has the most powerful camera you can find on any smartphone out in the Philippine market. That's my opinion and I still stand by it to this day.

nokia n8 camera lessons
Nokia N8's 12 MegaPixel camera features Carl Zeiss optics with Autofocus and Xenon flash and HD quality 720p video capture capability.

If you own a gorgeous Nokia N8 and you want to make the most out of what its camera can offer, then you might want to check out lessons and articles on Nokia Conversations' Nokia N8 Camera School.

Some of the photo and video capture help topics on the site include; shooting extreme sports photos, how to do Hollywood lighting, multimedia reporting, taking better nature photos and shooting action sequences. I find all of them very helpful, really.

Visit Nokia N8 Camera School via the link.


  1. Hi, I'm considering getting this from SMART, but I've read it quite a number of these units auto-restarts from time to time. Have you experienced this problem? Does this update solve it? Thanks in advance.

  2. hei..i got nokia n8 for almost two months from now. the problem is when you watch movies for quite some time, it hangs up and restarts itself. perhaps it's one way of compensating itself from opening many apps. after the PR 1.1 update, it got better including the slow backlight response


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