Globe POWERSURF : 15 Pesos for 1 Hour of Internet on Your Phone!

Globe has a new mobile internet prepaid promo out!

Check out Globe PowerSURF:

globe powersurf

For only 15 pesos, you can now surf for a total of 1 hour - consumable by the minute - for 1 whole day.

With Power SURF, you can take control of the amount of time you spend in your favorite sites. Surf and stop whenever you want.

Update your Facebook status, send an email or two, check in at Foursquare, Tweet by the minute, and budget your time spent surfing on your mobile phone! If you wish so, you can extend your subscription validity simply by registering for another hour before it expires.

How to Register?

Just load up and text POWERSURF15 to 8888 -

Other Variants:

Aside from Power SURF 15, there's also PowerSURF 30, which gives you 3 hours of mobile surfing with 1 day validity, and PowerSURF 50 giving you 5 hours of mobile internet with 3 days validity;

  Price Power Surf Validity
For 1 hour P15 Text POWERSURF15 to 8888 1 day mobile surfing only
For 3 hours P30 Text POWERSURF30 to 8888 1 day mobile surfing only
For 5 hours P50 Text POWERSURF50 to 8888 3 days mobile surfing only

Note that 5 pesos load balance is required to continue surfing using PowerSURF30 and PowerSURF50.

TP Thoughts:

Based on my own experience, SuperSURF - a related promo that precedes this new one - isn't particularly the easiest mobile surfing promo to register to. If PowerSURF solves that issue, it should be good.

Also, if Globe can lower the rate to just Php 10 and make it a one whole day unlimited service but with upload and download caps (instead of giving a time limit or as opposed to no caps for SuperSURF), PowerSURF can give the competition a serious run for their money.

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