China Bans Youtube ... Again!

"YouTube has been blocked in China,"

Google shared in a statement, "We don't know the reason for the blockage, and we're working to restore access to our users in China."

And this is actually the second time that China blocked Youtube. Last year, China banned Youtube in an attempt to prevent the world from seeing anti-government protesters on its territory issue with Tibet.

Other countries that have banned Youtube in the past include Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, and Thailand. Most of these countries have eventually brought Youtube back.

[photo above via TechShout!]

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  1. China is just too strict when it comes to these things but I guess for them they have to protect themselves. How about other video sites like vimeo, myspace and liveleak?

  2. Someone has tell me Youtube will be unlocked for the shanghai expo !
    Is it true or fake ?


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