Lenovo Pocket Yoga Wows

Introducing The Lenovo Pocket Yoga;

Yes, it looks very much like The Sony Vaio P - featuring a very wide screen and an end-to-end keyboard. But the main difference is that Lenovo Pocket Yoga actually converts into a tablet:

Isn't that cute? But you are probably staring at the pictures and thinking -- "No mouse? No pointing stick?" Well, the Pocket Yoga comes with a leather belt that wraps the unit for travel but it's not just a typical leather belt; when removed, it converts into a mouse ~

Quoting Lenovo:

We in Lenovo’s Beijing design center refer to this concept as the “Pocket Yoga,” an extension of an award winning design we’ve shown in public based on a folding concept inspired by the practice of yoga by one of our New Zealand-based designers. The full Yoga concept was a folding notebook with a detachable keyboard. The system unit was covered in leather.

Pocket Yoga is shaped just like a large wallet.

And if you're wondering...

Yes. It fits in the pocket.
Keep tuning in for specs, price and release date.

[photos courtesy of Lenovo Blog]

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