Nokia Phone Eaten by Fish, Still Works !

Andrew Cheatle thought his old Nokia handset and the SIM card inside it were gone for good after he accidentally dropped the phone at sea. One week later, however, the phone miraculously called his girlfriend.

As the urban-legend-like tale goes, a 25-pound cod mistook the Nokia 1600 for fish food and ate it whole. The phone remained in the cod's belly for a week until the fish was caught by fishermen.

The Cod, the Fisherman, the Phone and Andrew
Photo courtesy of Gizmodo

Upon gutting their catch, the fishermen found the phone, pulled out the sim and used it on another phone to call the girlfriend. And as fate would have it, after a week of estrangement, the phone - still functional, mind you - found its way back to Andrew.

I don't know if I should believe the story as it sounds rather dubious but if it's true, then I guess this is but another testament to the ruggedness of Nokia phones.

Source: The Daily What

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