House Bill 1625 and 4917 vs. Phone Use While Driving

HERE's a list of all countries that ban cellphone use while driving. Thankfully, it includes the Philippines. However, as shown in the list, we have no clear regulations on the ban as of yet.

Note to sociologists and 'road management' experts: Find out just how many road accidents were caused by people using their phones while driving, in the Philippines, last year. I bet the figures will astound you. In fact, in 2006, The Automobile Association Philippines (AAP) quoted Phone Use while Driving as the 12th most common cause of traffic accidents in the country.

House Bill 1625 or the “Cell Phone Safety Act” * and House Bill No 4917 or “An Act to Prohibit and Penalize Reading, Composing and Sending Electronic Messages while Driving, and for Other Purposes” ** aim to put an end to this. The proposed legislation prohibit drivers, both of private and public vehicles, from placing and receiving calls and composing and receiving text messages while driving. Those who will be caught violating the regulations could be charged with six months of imprisonment and fines ranging from P200 up to P100, 000.

But what about those whose profession requires to them to make urgent phone calls even while driving?

Among those exempted from these proposed measures are law enforcers while performing official functions, authorized drivers of ambulances and rescue vehicles while on duty, persons responding to emergency cases or rendering public service and TV and radio news reporters.

*filed by Pampanga representative Aurelio Gonzales
**filed by Buhay Party list representatives Ma. Carissa Coscolluela, Irwin Tieng and Rene Velarde

[via Inquirer , photo above courtesy of MaximumPc]

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