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The Ultrathin Lenovo Thinkpad X300
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Ever wondered why many tech enthusiasts consider Thinkpads as the best laptops made by Man?

Well, some attribute it to the Thinkpad's legendary tactile keyboard, others to its executive, pure business, look. The truth is, the Thinkpad is the best laptop for so many reasons -- But if there's one thing that a knowledgeable gadget-lover will tell you, it is that Thinkpads are legendary for being highly-durable.

Lenovo has, in fact, recently released another Thinkpad Drop Test video as added proof:

Quoting Lenovo Blog:

It’s an all too familiar situation. You are carrying your notebook PC, and it slips from your hand — sometimes you catch it, other times you don’t. Computers usually sit on desks that are 70 cm (27 inches) away from the floor, or when slightly lifted away from the desk, the fall can be about 90 cm (35 inches). Our notebooks fall much farther, estimating the fall from a person’s chest height in a standing position.


Ever since the first ThinkPad was born in 1992, we’ve used this test to drop hundreds of PCs on the floor, and there is some history on how this testing came to be.

Before these cool-looking, customized-for-ThinkPad dropping machines came along, all the testing was done by hand. But simply throwing PCs wouldn’t land them flat on the ground. After a while, we took on the “puppet approach” and guided the fall with numerous strings attached to the ThinkPad. Those were the good old days, with everyone holding the strings and calling out “Now! … Release the wire!”

Customers visiting us our test labs sometimes ask us why ThinkPads have to take such a giant fall. Some have even said that they feel sorry for the notebooks and comment that ThinkPad testing truly can be called a “torture” test.

The Freefall Test video is the first to be released from Lenovo's new set of Thinkpad Torture videos. Last February 24, Lenovo designated 8 Thinkpads (X200, X301, X200s, X200 Tablet, T400, T500, R400 and SL300) to undergo US Army’s tough test for Semi-Rugged computing certification. The Military measures the laptops' ability to withstand Low Pressure, Humidity, Vibration (and drops), High Temperature, Low Temperature, Temperature Shock and Dust.

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