Spongecola Bundles MP3 / MP4 Player with New Album


Some call it a marketing gimick but I consider it genius:

Pinoy rockband Spongecola has altogether decided not to sell their new songs in CD format. "Buy our album and get a free mp3 and mp4 player!" -- that's how Yael promoted their new self-titled album yesterday in a gameshow in ABS-CBN.

And why not? Considering the profile of their fanbase, this strategy could prove to be successful. Plus, it addresses the biggest hindrance to them releasing downloadable digital singles - most of their fans don't own a digital media player.

Each player, selling for just Php1,000, will include 46 songs in MP3 format and 10 music videos in MP4. Spongecola's new album is available now at all Odyssey branches in Mega Manila.

Sell songs bundled with a media player: Both a short-term and long-term marketing solution, at least in Spongecola's case.

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