New Software Punishes Laptop Thieves

laptop thief

Bad news for computer kleptos. (photo via Slashdot)

Front Door Software Corporation has just released a software, aptly named Retriever, that could detect the location of laptops gone astray and even talk to laptop thieves.

How does it work? Quoting Front Door
The Retriever program inserts a new virtual security ownership label that appears as soon as anyone turns on your computer. Because this is the first screen someone would see, and because this ownership security screen is designed to appear before or with your password logon screen, the Retriever helps you (1) prevent theft of equipment, (2) protect your information, and (3) recover lost & stolen equipment. The Retriever is designed to help make it virtually impossible for a thief to resell, or even use your computer, which increases your chances of recovery.

But let's say your computer ends up with a stubborn klepto who won't pay attention to simple Retriever Display Pleas like "$50 for my safe return", you can log on to the Front Door website and turn on the software's nagging talk feature and let your laptop literally cry for help.

Worse to worst, Retriever can sniff out nearby Wifi connections and use the information to pinpoint the location of the criminal with your gadget. In this case, Retriever will start displaying a very straightforward warning to the thief:

"You are being tracked. I am right at your door"

Retriever license only costs $29.95 for 3 year of use.

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