Benchmarks: Intel Atom vs. Celeron M ( vs. Pentium III vs. Pentium M vs. Core Duo vs. Core 2 Duo vs. Phenom X4 vs. Core 2 Quad )

With recent reports disclosing that Intel Atom has already started to cannibalize on the sales of Intel Celeron and all of its variations, it becomes important to ask: Just how powerful is Intel Atom? And what exactly does the public look for when choosing a computer processor?

To answer the first question, I present this Benchmarks table first published by

The results clearly show that 1.6 Ghz Intel Atom (or at least, the Silverthorne variant) is less powerful than even 900mhz of Celeron M. Interesting, really. In fact, Intel Atom is more powerful than just one processor in the list, the aging Pentium III Tualatin, released in April 2001. On the other hand, Atom is clearly no serious competition to all other processors included in the test.

Now, to answer the second question, allow me to speculate: We are at a point when computers, especially portable ones, have become more of a necessity than a luxury: Whether we are in the middle of this worldwide financial crisis or not, people will continue to check their emails, process documents and turn to the internet as reference. Believe it or not, computers have reached that level of importance in our lives. So during these trying times, instead of completely ditching the computer, people simply choose to spend less on them and get ones that have just enough power to meet their needs for a considerably lower price. This is where Intel Atom comes in and over time, it has proven to be quite successful.

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