Filipino Director, Brillante Mendoza, Named Cannes Best Director !

Guess who took home the Cannes Best Director trophy this year?

The Legendary Quentin Tarantino for Inglourious Basterds? The Legendary Ang Lee for Taking Woodstock? Nah.

Filipino Director, Brillante Mendoza, was named Cannes Best Director for the film Kinatay (The Execution of P) - Believe it!!

Mendoza, who made his Cannes debut last year with the film Serbis (featuring Coco Martin and the legendary Gina PareƱo), is the first Filipino to bring home the said honor. His 2009 Cannes full-length film entry, Kinatay, is about the horrible fate of a Filipina (played by the legendary Maria Isabel Lopez) who was kidnapped, raped, killed and chopped into pieces -- clearly beyond recognition.

If anything, this unprecedented honor given to Brillante Mendoza is proof that the Filipino's talent and technical-know-how is indeed world-class and top-notch.

Congratulations, Direk Brillante Mendoza! Thank you for making all Filipinos Proud!

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  1. Wow! And this is after Roger Ebert declared his 'Kinatay' the worst film ever screened in Cannes and calling it unwatchable.

  2. Yep! He truly made all Filipinos proud. Thanks for checking out TechPinas. :)


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