Is Blogger or Blogspot SEO Friendly?

In my effort to increase the pagerank of TechPinas, which is Blogger hosted, I came across this very interesting article by Andy Beard entitled Are Blogger | Blogspot Blogs SEO Friendly? If you are also using Blogger, I highly suggest you check it out.

The article raises several interesting points about how Blogger or Blogspot(, which is - interestingly - a Google service) doesn't appear to be as SEO friendly as almost everyone thought it was. One of the things that was discussed is the lack of SEO support for Blogger Labels as opposed to Wordpress Categories. In fact, anyone who uses Google Webmasters should know that robot.txt automatically blocks Blogger Labels from being crawled by Google; hence, the horrid robot.txt errors. Another issue that was highlighted is the problematic Blogspot indexing, which again, seem to irritate robot.txt. Seriously, what's up with robot.txt?!!

But, at the end of the day, is there anything that the ordinary blogger can do about these SEO issues?

Quoting Beard:

[S]olutions are for blogger developers to implement [...]. Sorry Blogger users, you have been at a significant disadvantage for years unless you can find a smart (viable) alternative to creating categories by hand.

Read the article HERE.

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