Choppy Animation on Powerpoint 2007

Helen de Belen from Bulacan emailed us this concern earlier:

"Dear TechPinas, I have a major problem! All of the animations in my powerpoint presentation appear choppy when played on MS Powerpoint 2007. I created my presentation using Powerpoint 2003 and I don't understand why a similar program made 4 years later is not able to handle this file as well. Help me, please."

Dear Helen, chill! Hehe.
What you are experiencing is actually a quite universal PPT 2007 annoyance -- and as such, there is nothing we can do about it, at least, as regards tweaking PPT 2007 to better accommodate your file.

If you want to see your animations playing like how they should, then there's no other option than to open your ppt presentation with MS Powerpoint 2003.

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