MSI Wind U115 Hybrid Out! Demo Video in!

MSI Wind U115 Hybrid is now out -- at least in Japan and UK. The Wind has been quite successful here in the Philippines and I bet it won't be long before this particular hybrid reaches our shores.

But what's so special about MSI Wind U115 Hybrid?

Not surprisingly, the netbooks equipped with six-cell batteries came out well ahead of their less well off counterparts, with the MSI Wind U115 Hybrid leading the way with an impressive time of 6:56. That was obviously aided in no small part by the netbook's dual SSD / hard drive setup, and by a less commonly used 5100mAh six-cell battery, as opposed to the 6600mAh version used in the second and third place Eee PCs (which each clocked in around the four-hour mark). Bringing up the rear were the Lenovo IdeaPad S10 and Dell Mini 12, neither of which were able to eek out even two hours of use.

Here are the standard specs of the netbook announced in December 2008:

1.60GHz Intel Atom CPU,
up to 2GB of DDR2 RAM,
plus 8GB SSD / 80GB HDD,
16GB SSD / 120GB HDD, and 32GB SSD / 160GB HDD storage options,
2 megapixel webcam.

Price is quite hefty at around $685.28 to $744.89.

And finally, the unboxing video courtesy of PortableMonkey:

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