Transformers Ravage USB Flash Drive Wows!

We've seen Barbie flash disks, USB drives that look like keys, Football flash disks, swivel-types, etc. -- but this has to be the coolest, most kick-as* flash disk of them all --

Presenting Transformers Ravage (AKA Tripredacus Agent) USB Flash Drive:


The Transformers fan remembers it by heart: Classic Ravage transforms into a cassette tape. This new rendition, however, makes it clear that it has outgrown its rather ancient file format designation.

I was about to tell you that you can pre-order one for a rather hefty $42.99 but apparently, pre-order is already sold out. Too bad. I hope they make more soon.

[via Coolest Gadgets]

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  1. oooooh.. cool.. I love this wahaha sayang pre-orders are sold out na arrrgh ahhaa


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